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xSkrape Table Compare

CodeX Enterprises LLC

4.5 (2)

Compare tables in your workbooks, visualizing and filtering differences easily.

This add-in offers the following features:

  • Compare “similar” data between tables (i.e. the columns do not have to be exactly the same)
  • Pick columns of interest (i.e. can be a subset of all available columns)
  • Color-coding of results let you see differences easily
  • Multiple output formats
  • Identify subsets of interest (e.g. values in both tables but some difference between them)
  • Options such as "case insensitive" compares
  • Optionally generate SQL statements that would reconcile data from one table to the other (e.g. useful if data was sourced from SQL)
  • Good performance even with large data sets

More details about this add-in can be found in the following article:

This add-in compliments our other products (see:, built with a focus on data and productivity.

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