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SOLVIN Planner Bridge

SOLVIN information management

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Manage Agile Teams with Office 365 Groups and Planner.

SOLVIN Planner Bridge connects Microsoft Project with Office 365 Groups and Planner for a simple hybrid project management. This Add-In enables you and your team to organize tasks with the help of Planner, to document collaboration in Groups and to automate feedback from your team back to the project plan.

Microsoft Planner is a new cloud service within Office 365 providing a clear view to your work like a Kanban board. Because not all your teams need an enterprise project management system to manage daily tasks.

Tasks in Project can be connected to existing or new Plans in Planner with a few clicks. The completion state from Planner can be easily aggregated into project. You have an overview of all tasks in all connected plans at a glance.

Main features of the SOLVIN Planner Bridge:

  • Effortless create Groups and Plans from within Project Professional
  • Add assigned resources to your groups and Plans
  • Simple connection of tasks to buckets
  • Work management, time management and collaboration in one system
  • Easy reports to monitoring progress
  • Open tasks at a glance for all team members
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