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Connectid Mail

Safe Online ApS

5.0 (2)

Connectid Mail is an Outlook Add-in to comply with GDPR & more sending or receiving sensitive data.

The Connectid Mail add-in shares and requests sensitive data in Outlook with end-to-end encryption, consent management, one-time passwords and full audit log. Connectid Mail is a GDPR Compliant data-sharing solution from Safe Online ApS.

Simply use the Connectid Mail add-in instead of a regular attachment to safely:

• Send data for download, or view-only

• Request data, and keep received data secure

• Collect the proper consent (optional) when requesting and sharing data

• Organize data in personal and shared folders

With Connectid Mail, no sensitive data is sent in the mail itself, but in a secure encrypted folder that only sender and receiver has access to.

Security and compliance:

• Data protected with 1.3 TLS, one-time email password +optional SMS passcode (multi-factor)

• Second chance option allows the sender delete data sent to the wrong receiver

• Data stored in 2048-bit encrypted private cloud on Azure

• Built-in auto-deletion after a maximum of 32 days (customisable)

• View-only option limits instances of data

• Audit logs on all consents & transactions

Subscribe to Connectid Mail for just 3€/month

Download Connectid Mail and start sharing data safely in 5 minutes

NOTE: Connectid Mail is a subscription-based service and requires either a free trial or paid account. After installing the Add-in, you must sign up for an account if you don’t have a Connectid Mail account with your Microsoft email.

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