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Enhances your inbox with productivity-boosting features, improving your email communication.

This is Mailbutler, the email extension that makes your inbox smarter. Mailbutler offers a multitude of useful, productivity-boosting features which you can access right in your Outlook inbox. Its features help you improve customer communication, stay on brand, optimize your email game, and most important, improve on Outlook’s native features. Mailbutler features include:

• Smart Assistant: An AI-powered email assistant that writes, summarizes and improves messages, finds tasks and contacts, and responds for you.

• Recipient Optimized Scheduling: Suggests the best time for you to send an email to maximize your chances of it being opened.

• Tasks: An improvement on Outlook tasks. Attach automated to-do items to your contacts and emails so you never forget to take action.

• Notes: Add notes to emails and contacts so you always remember any important information.

• Smart Send Later: Smart scheduling functionality to help you optimize your email delivery times. Unlike Outlook's feature, your emails will send even when your computer is switched off.

• Email Tracking: Find out when, where, and how often your email or link was opened. No longer request tracking details.

• Email Signatures: Stay on brand. Beautiful and professional email signatures with extensive creative control, adding the variety and predesigned templates that Outlook lacks.

• Email Templates: Improves Outlook's templates by allowing you to design your templates with more freedom and creativity.

• Contacts: Improve your contact list with detailed insights into your contacts, customizable information fields, and a complete conversation history between your team and that contact.

• Collaborators: Not just emails: Share contacts, notes, tasks, signatures, templates and more with your team members.

• Snooze: Focus on what matters! Snooze less important emails temporarily and they’ll reappear at a time of your choosing.

⧓ Who is Mailbutler for? ⧓

• Freelancers, independent professionals, and marketers

• Businesses, marketing teams, and sales teams which prioritize direct client communication

• Teams which need clear, easy, and productive internal communication

• Productivity-lovers who want to achieve more with emails and improve Outlook’s native features

⧓ Why Mailbutler? ⧓

• Our extension is developed by users: we’re constantly upgrading and revamping features based on customer feedback

• Mailbutler integrates directly and easily into your Outlook email client

• Cross-platform functionality means if other members of your team are using email clients other than Outlook, Mailbutler still works perfectly

• All your messages are secure and never accessed or read by Mailbutler

• We value honesty and transparency - every user gets a 14-day free trial with no credit card required so you can see exactly what you’re in for

• Our dedicated customer support team responds to all queries within 24 hours

• Integrate Mailbutler with your favorite apps, including Slack, Trello, OneNote, Todoist and more

• Most important, Mailbutler improves your customer communication and helps you build new prospects, clients and contacts

⧓ Testimonials ⧓

“Without a doubt, I recommend Mailbutler. It’s revolutionized my inbox.” Hollie Barac, Accountability and Productivity Partner

“Mailbutler’s support feels personal and it’s what sets them apart from so many other companies.” Craig Bowman, President of Common Ground Consulting

“With Email Tracking I can focus my energy on serving clients instead of chasing emails.” Charlene Brown, Owner of Bklyn Custom Designs

"Mailbutler is by far the best personal productivity app I have used. Absolutely essential in any workflow! I couldn’t live without Smart Send Later any more." António Lino, Managing Partner at Topologia

⧓ Don’t wait - get Mailbutler right now ⧓

All new Mailbutler users get a 14-day free trial for their Outlook email client so they can try out all our features and decide which plan is the best for them. We don’t require any credit card details until you subscribe to a plan, so you can opt out at any time!

• Mailbutler Tracking Plan - Basic email and link tracking - €3,95 per month/€39,50 per year

• Mailbutler Professional Plan – For professionals who want to better organize their inbox – €4,95 per month/€49,50 per year

• Mailbutler Professional+ Plan – For email users who need advanced inbox features - €9,95 per month/€99,50 per year

• Mailbutler Business Plan – The full package for teams that want the definitive email productivity extension – €29,95 per month/€299,50 per year

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⧓ Got questions? ⧓

Contact us anytime at

Head to our Support Center for detailed help on using Mailbutler:

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