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Optimized Calendar Experience in Microsoft Teams

Elevate your team’s scheduling with a unified calendar view. Seamlessly overlay SharePoint, Exchange, Outlook, Meeting rooms, and online calendars (iCalendars) into Microsoft Teams for a synchronized, color-coded experience.

Introducing the Virto Calendar Overlay App for Microsoft Teams

The modern team requires a streamlined calendar solution that caters to its dynamic scheduling needs. Virto Calendar Overlay for Microsoft Teams bridges the gap, providing a cohesive and vibrant view of your varied calendars. From your private Outlook events to your shared Exchange schedules, visualize it all in one place – your Microsoft Teams client.



  • Integrated Experience: Our app is designed with the Microsoft Teams environment at its core. It's not just a plugin; it's a fully integrated solution that complements your Microsoft 365 journey.
  • Color-Coded Views: Easily distinguish between varied event types and sources with our unique color-coding system.
  • Dynamic Views: Whether you need a daily snapshot or a yearly overview, switch between Day, Week, Month, Year, and Overlaid views with ease.
  • Cross-Compatibility: Use the same calendar in your browser as a web app and in your SharePoint portal.


  • Unified Overlay: Combine SharePoint, Exchange Online, and Meeting rooms calendars.
  • Customizable Perspectives: Day, Week, Month, Year, Task days/hours, and Overlaid views.
  • Integrated List Handling: Integrate SharePoint cross-site collection calendars and custom lists.
  • Event Management: Create, edit, or delete events with automatic sync to the source.
  • User-Centric Views: A mini calendar for when you need a condensed view.
  • License Flexibility: Automatic user license assignments optimized for team scalability.


Documentation: Dive deep into functionalities with our user guide.

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About Virto:

We specialize in creating tools that simplify the digital workspace. Our calendar solution is crafted for professionals who want more control over their time, from enterprise managers to freelancers. It's designed for industries where scheduling is paramount, such as event planning, project management, and healthcare.

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