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Manage Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery and People with the popular Lean-Method SQCDP

The SQCDP method is part of lean management (especially visual management) and with the help of the SQCDP boards, important topics in the areas






in daily team rounds with employees and superiors. These rounds range from manufacturing to senior management. The questions and KPIs in the individual subject areas can be freely selected by the team concerned based on the company's goals. The individual subject areas are discussed and the corresponding fields filled in a team round. The SQCDP SharePoint Add-in supports you in capturing and evaluating KPIs centrally.

The following configurations can be made for each subject area (S, Q, C, D, P) (see also screenshots):

- Description

- measurement period (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly)

- Measurement type (red, green; red, yellow, green, number range with threshold for green-> yellow and yellow-> red)

Any questions (sub-KPIs) can be set for each subject area. A total KPI (global state) is calculated for each question per measurement period. All global states then give the result value for the letter / subject area.

All lists can be exported to Excel via SharePoint export.

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