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The most easy-to-use solution for collaborative workflows and task management in enterprises.

What is Evocom?

Evocom is the most easy-to-use solution for collaborative workflows and task management in enterprises. Informationworkers design processes and bring them to life immediately. People in departments use Evocom to digitize micro processes that coordinate internal work. Process specialists orchestrate cross-departmental processes, using micro processes from departments and utilize existing integrations with LOB systems such as CRM, ERP and others.

What can Evocom do?

# Digitize collaborative workflows easily, quickly and without IT know-how.

# Automate all departments and teams' processes within short time.

# Coordinating people's work transparently.

# Configure cross-departmental, company-wide processes through orchestration.

# Seamlessly integrate data from existing applications.

# Create a fundamental basis for automation (RPA & Power Automate) to handle people and robots within processes.

Why Evocom?

Knowledge workers in enterprises and organizations waste a lot of time every day on researching information, call back, entering data, coordinating work in meetings, waiting for decision-makers and due to unclear responsibilities. Evocom automates processes and coordinates work packages to the right people and resources. With Evocom process digitization becomes so easy. People immediately adopt the way to work.

What are Evocom's benefits?

Due to the simplicity of Evocom, users not only digitize single, but all processes that are not yet digitized, within a short period of time and little effort. This makes work transparent for people. Repetitive work becomes visible to be automated. Small and large processes become able to schedule, which has direct impact on customer benefits. People develop a uniform, process-oriented way of working. All data, information and responsibilities are bundled in processes and always traceable. This gives people more time for productive and innovative value creation.

How does Evocom complement with Microsoft 365?

# Evocom Teams App is targeted for people in departments, project teams and decision-makers. They use it for daily work in processes, projects or for predefined work packages.

# Digitally processes and microprocesses, lived in daily work, form the basis for automation with Power Automate. Automation supports people in performing repetitive routine tasks and activities.

# IT specialists develop individual Power Apps for specific processes and work packages with just a few clicks.

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