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The cloudbased desk and meeting room booking solution bringing teams together at the workplace.

Enjoy seamless integration with the Outlook add-in. You can book directly from Outlook and review reservations in your own calendar.

Key features:

  • Book a desk or meeting room at any company location
  • Reserve anything else you need, whether that’s a parking spot or a company car
  • Find your preferred spot on the map, or request one even when none is available
  • Locate your teammates so you can book a desk or meeting room next to them
  • Add special requests like lunch to your reservation
  • Quickly find desks or office rooms with special equipment
  • Share meeting room information with (external) attendees, plus a map to easily find the way
  • Free up your own desk for others to use when you aren’t around
  • Make on-the-spot reservations, or simply use QR scanning to check in
  • Check the news for any location and attend an upcoming event
  • Share news items with your colleagues and let them know you are attending an event
  • Make reservations on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone
  • Report issues concerning a desk or meeting room

Access to the add-in is available after registering for a 30-day free trial. A premium license with the outlook integration add-on is required to continue using the add-in afterwards.

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Mogelijkheden van de app

Wanneer deze app wordt gebruikt, kan deze
  • Gegevens via internet verzenden
  • Deze app kan persoonlijke gegevens in het actieve bericht, zoals de hoofdtekst, het onderwerp, de afzender, de ontvangers en de bijlagegegevens openen en wijzigen. De app kan deze gegevens verzenden naar een service van derden. Andere items in uw postvak kunnen niet worden gelezen of gewijzigd.

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