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Get Sentry alerts in Microsoft Teams.

Get alerts that let you assign, ignore, and resolve issues right in your chat with Sentry for Microsoft Teams.

Sentry's platform helps every developer diagnose, fix, and optimize the performance of their code. With Sentry, software teams can easily trace issues related to errors, performance problems, and trends in code quality. This results in a decrease in resolution time from days to minutes freed up developer and happier customers.

Sentry supports native, mobile, web, IoT frameworks, and more than 30 languages. Developers can resolve the most impactful errors, quickly investigate slowdowns, and effortlessly track the success of releases over time. As the software health hub, Sentry gives software teams the performance overview they need to provide a seamless experience. With rich context about issues, developers can pinpoint exactly which customers are affected, dramatically reducing developer cycles.

GitHub, Disney, Atlassian, and more than 60,000 other companies rely on Sentry to increase reliability, efficiency and provide millions of users with a glitch-free experience.

  • Context, uncovered: Source code, error filters, stack locals — Sentry enhances application performance monitoring with stack traces.
  • All Issues, one place: See all Issues across your entire organization or select a handful of projects to surface correlated trouble spots.
  • Trail of events, discovered: Breadcrumbs make application development a little easier by showing you the trails of events that lead to the error(s).
  • Version changes, highlighted: Whether you’re using JavaScript, PHP, or anything in between, Releases provide visibility to which errors were addressed and which were introduced for the first time.
  • Control, given: The software development cycle can be riddled with ambiguity. Issue Owners put control back in the hands of developers to fix what’s broken in their code.
  • Queries, customized: Real-time monitoring means data, in real-time. Query raw event data across your organization with Discover, Sentry’s query builder.

A Sentry account is required to use Sentry for Microsoft Teams.

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