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Tiny breaks to share and play, built right into your day.

Clear your head, find inspiration and breathe with a guided system of two-minute movement-based breaks. Share and play them together to build a collective break taking habit as a team. Breakthru is scientifically proven to increase engagement, build resilience and help us help each other manage stress.

Choose to feel joy, energy, centeredness, or confidence.

Set a team challenge, give breakthru to a colleague, or use it as an ice breaker in meetings. Create custom reminders for yourself, and unlock new breaks over time.

Invite moments of movement into your day. Movement gets your heart rate up, grows your brain, and prepares you to think and to learn.

Breakthru is a tool for all ages. Free for schools, forever. Fully integrated into Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Microsoft 365.

As a leader, use Breakthru with your team in meetings and in chats and channels, to build morale, and energy, and to counter burnout.

Culture and Experience leaders: Use Breakthru company wide to show your employees that you care about them, that healthy mini breaks throughout the day are expected and encouraged.

Teachers, use Breakthru in your classroom, to help kids develop a healthy breaktaking practice, to counter anxiety and get kids ready to learn.

This app can be deployed within a day. Let’s take a break, together.

User Quotes:

“It’s beautiful and it’s simple and it’s convenient.”

"I do it with my kids. The energize ones, they love it. It changes my mood before the workday."

“It just gets you active, reminds you, but it makes it fun. And the best part, it's only two minutes. Two minutes is ideal.”

“Bringing Breakthru as part of a packed agenda, it’s really magical. It helps to bridge that human gap that we lost when we don’t meet with each other in person.”

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