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Web Part to search users within SharePoint Online User Profiles and Azure AD.

Search People within User Profiles and Azure AD

With Vitextra Employee Directory you can use SharePoint Search service as well as Azure AD as a data source for the app.

Searching users within User Profiles via Search Service makes it possible to use information from such special fields as Interests, Skills, Office Location, and others to search people not limited to just their name, email, or job title.

On the other hand, Azure AD as a data source for employee directory allows you to hide employees from the search results in case their accounts are disabled.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Employee Directory App can be placed right in Teams Channel to boost productivity by eliminating context switching.

Using Employee Directory in Microsoft Teams allows users to search for people with their mobile devices.

User Presence

Anyone in your organization with Employee Directory App can see (in nearly real-time) other users' presence status. Employee Directory uses Microsoft Graph to get this information regardless of the data source you use (User Profiles or Azure AD).

Appearance Settings

Choose the size of the persona card and fields presented. You can select up to four user properties to show up on the persona card as well as the size of the card.

Details and Cards View

There are two types of layout you can switch between of:

  • Details. Search results presented in the table view. Columns which presented in the table and their order can be changed with App settings.
  • Cards. Search results presented with native SharePoint control. Attributes used in the control not configurable.

Theme Variants

You can set a background color for each section on the SharePoint Modern Page. Employee Directory supports this functionality and automatically changes the theme of the web part according to the selected theme variant.

Change of the section background does not affect web parts located in other sections.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode supported on SharePoint Modern Page as well as in Microsoft Teams. The App switches the mode automatically in order to the current environment settings. In the case of the App is running on SharePoint Modern Page, it applied current theme settings.

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