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A modern code editor for Excel functions and formulas.

Do you want to master Excel functions and formulas? Do you want to write correct, succinct, efficient and powerful formulas? Do you want to quickly understand and edit long and complex formulas? Do you want to benefit from powerful open-source function libraries? Do you want to build error-free and fast spreadsheets?

Functions and formulas are elementary components of spreadsheets and spreadsheet language; they are at the core of Excel editing and programming. However, the current formula editing is constrained by the narrow formula bar or single cell boxes. Formula Editor provides features that existing tools don't have, and helps you to better understand, use, write, and optimize functions and formulas. Currently, Formula Editor has five major functionalities, more features are coming soon.

Evaluation of subformulas:

  • You could select a part of a formula, hover over it or press Ctrl+K Ctrl+I, then its evaluation value appears in form of a row, a column or a table, which is very easy to view.
  • Subformulas with variables defined by preceding LET functions or LAMBDA functions can also be evaluated, which helps develop and debug complex formulas with LET and LAMBDA.
  • For a long time, reworking complex formulas or explaining formulas to others was a huge pain; evaluation value of subformulas effectively makes it easier.

Error messages:

  • As you type a formula, Formula Editor points out on the fly the errors if they exist, explains the reason and proposes correction.
  • Flaws such as mismatched parentheses, misuse of functions, wrong function arguments become obvious to see and easy to fix.
  • This feature helps anyone who writes formulas, including novice users writing short formulas

Formula Optimization:

  • Formula Editor automatically identifies in your formula the part that can be improved in terms of correctness, readability or efficiency.
  • It suggests better ways to rewrite your formula, and explains to you why they are better, by texts and by videos!
  • You could accept its suggestion of optimization by "Quick Fix".

Formula Formatting:

  • Formula Editor automatically formats a long and complex formula in several lines with appropriate with whitespace indentation and proper nesting.
  • Therefore, you could understand better the logic of the formula.

Function Libraries:

  • Formula Editor allows you to add existing libraries of functions written in Excel formula language and LAMBDA function to your workbook.
  • Thus, you could directly use these high-quality and well-maintained functions in your workbook.

More details can be found in Give Formula Editor a try, let it help you build safe, neat and powerful spreadsheets!

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