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Get any document signed while working in Microsoft Word and Excel

Add the signNow add-in to your Word document or Excel spreadsheet and send it for signing to multiple recipients. Increase productivity, reduce documents errors, and delight customers and teammates with a consistent signing experience.

Key benefits of the signNow add-in:

Simplify your signature workflows

Access the signNow add-in right from your Microsoft Word or Excel ribbon. Customize and send documents for approval without switching to other applications.

Make your Word documents and Excel spreadsheets interactive and easy to complete

Insert signature, text, initials, and dropdown text tags anywhere in a document. These text tags will be automatically converted to signNow fillable fields.

Reduce document errors

Tired of misplaced signatures and inaccurate data? signNow allows you to add labels for fillable fields and make these fields required. Get every signature where you need it by creating roles and assigning fillable fields to them.

Speed up document approvals

Arrange a signing order for multiple signers. Enter a message for your signers and add CC’d recipients if needed.

Delight your signers with automated signing guidance 

signNow will guide your recipients through the signing process. They can sign your documents in seconds on any desktop or mobile device.

Always stay in the loop

Once your document is signed, you’ll get an instant email notification. Signed copies are automatically uploaded to your signNow account.

Ensure security and compliance

signNow complies with industry-leading security and compliance standards such as: HIPAA, FERPA, CCPA, SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, and PCI DSS.

Minimize office expenditures

Reduce expenses on printing, scanning, faxing or shipping Word or Excel files by signing documents electronically.

signNow for Word and Excel is the right choice if you:

  • Edit and send Word documents or Excel spreadsheets for signing every day
  • Need documents to be signed by multiple signers in a specific order
  • Want to save time and reduce costs on paper, printers, and scanners
  • Often receive documents with misplaced signatures and data
  • Have a big sales team with everyday invoicing
  • Need to make paystub preparation faster and easier


signNow for Microsoft Word and Excel requires a valid signNow license. Subscribe for signNow here.

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