MakeSomeBreak by Virto

door VirtoSoftware

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App analyses your Teams calendar schedule and creates blockers to secure your time for breaks.

Have you ever been in a situation when your calendar is filled in with important meetings, back to back, 4 hours in a row? Have you ever had trouble finding time in your calendar to take a break, have a coffee, breathe in some fresh air or go to the bathroom?

You could schedule this break of course, but when you realize you need it, it’s too late.

What if you could press one button and have all the necessary breaks scheduled according to your preference? Yes, this is exactly how MakeSomeBreak App helps you manage your work life balance.


1. The length of a single meeting, or the total time of several back-to-back meetings after which you want to schedule a break.

2. Break length.

3. Find by part of the title and exclude the events. For example, all “lunch” appointments etc.

Can you fully automate it? This is a paid feature. Please contact to for details.

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