PerfectXL Add-in

door Infotron B.V.

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Everything you need to make Excel perfect.

Develop exceptional Excel models with the PerfectXL Add-in. Use the Highlighter to reveal patterns and spot inconsistenties by temporarily giving cells a different color. Make the suite complete by installing PerfectXL's standalone tools to put advanced risk analysis, data flow visualizations and version comparison at your fingertips, all accessible from Excel.

  • Highlight Cells
    Temporarily color cells to make sure your Excel models are robust and internally consistent. You can color consistent formulas, unused data cells, error cells, and much more.
  • Visualize Your Model
    Reveal the underlying structure of your Excel model. Where highlights reveal patterns on the worksheet level, here you zoom out to reveal structure on a workbook level. Essential for documentation, model reviews, and getting to know unfamiliar models.
  • Perform Risk Analysis
    Easily identify potential errors in your spreadsheet. Spot blunders, follow best practices, and improve model performance by following the clear improvement suggestions and generate reports to support your audit process.
  • Compare Versions
    Instantly see the difference between two spreadsheets. Once your model is understood, error free, and well documented, you will want future changes to be checked and recorded. Being able to instantly see what has changed between two versions makes this surprisingly easy.


  • The Highlighter is subject to a licensed upgrade
  • PerfectXL Risk Finder, PerfectXL Explore and PerfectXL Compare must be acquired separately

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