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Try experimental features from the Microsoft Excel team.

Excel Labs, a Microsoft Garage project, is an add-in that allows us to release experimental Excel features and gather customer feedback about these features. Excel Labs currently includes three features:

  1. Advanced formula environment: An interface designed for authoring, editing, and reusing formulas.
  2. LABS.GENERATIVEAI function: With the announcement of Microsoft 365 Copilot, we see so much potential in the power of generative AI. Using this experimental add-in, you can test the benefits of generative AI directly from the Excel grid. This is not part of M365 Copilot but rather a place for you to play and experiment with some AI today within the Garage framework.
  3. Python editor: A notebook-like interface designed for authoring Python in Excel.

Advanced formula environment

The advanced formula environment makes it easy to create, edit, and reuse formulas and named LAMBDA functions. Key features include:

  • Advanced formula authoring capabilities such as syntax highlighting, inline errors, formatting, and comments.
  • View, format, and edit formulas defined in the grid with an advanced formula bar.
  • Define and edit named functions, ranges, and formulas that can be synchronized with the Excel Name Manager.


This add-in creates a custom function called LABS.GENERATIVEAI that you can use to send prompts from the Excel grid to a generative AI model. LABS.GENERATIVEAI returns the results from the model back to your worksheet.

You can send the model simple or complex prompts, such as requests to:

  • Analyze public information.
  • Import public data and define the format.
  • Answer factual or creative questions.
  • Produce a response based on a sample.

LABS.GENERATIVEAI allows you to reference other cells in your workbook, and it can be called inside any Excel cell or named formula in the workbook.

Python editor

The Python editor makes it easy to view and edit multiple Python cells in Excel. Anyone can get Excel Labs today, however, you need to have access to Python in Excel to make use of the Python editor. Key features include:

  • View Python cells in their execution order to follow the flow of calculation.
  • Edit Python using Monaco, the code editor behind Visual Studio Code.

The Microsoft Garage is an outlet for experimental projects for you to try. Learn more at

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