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Power your Excel with Vestberry data. Build ad-hoc analyses and update recurring reports.

About Vestberry

Vestberry is portfolio management and reporting software for venture capital and private equity. It manages nearly $5 billion of investments in companies such as Wolt, Carta, Stripe, and eToro.

The software offers automation of workflow, reporting, and communication with limited partners and provides advanced analytics to make better investment decisions, enabling investors to evolve their information management and make automated quarterly LP reporting easier and faster.

A prerequisite to use the Vestberry Excel add-in is the purchase of the Vestberry services. For more visit and book a demo.

Save hours or even days with our Excel Add-in.

Instead of sourcing data manually across several Excel files as you do now, combine up-to-date portfolio and/or fund metrics, plus KPIs, all sourced from the Vestberry platform - the single source of truth for your portfolio monitoring. Build your Excel reports or ad hoc analyses on a foundation of solid, well-structured data powered by Vestberry.

Benefit from the latest technology

As the experts on digital products, we have deployed the latest technology available to bring Excel Add-in capabilities to both Windows and Mac users.

Enjoy seamless data export

To allow you quickly export large, but still well-structured data sets, Vestberry experts have built pre-designed Data Sheets.

In just one click you can export:

- Static information on a GP, fund, or investment level

- Performance metrics or KPIs evolution

- A snapshot of your investment's cap table

and more.

Count on smart functions

To help you even further in designing your very own reports in Excel, we developed a set of smart predefined functions to quickly load the most commonly used performance metrics, all KPIs or ownership information and lists directly from the Vestberry Platform.

Build custom formulas with Vestberry functions to create any custom report you need.

Rely on swift formula builder

Haven't memorised formulas yet? Formula Builder supports you for as long as you need. Find the right data point (performance metrics, KPIs, and more) in the Builder, and let it shine in your report.

Get support if needed

Find help in our documentation pages where every data sheet and function is explained in detail. Before you start using the Vestberry Excel Add-in, watch short explainer videos.

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