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Create a short and snappy question so that you can engage with your audience.

The Poll web part helps you to engage with your audience with short and snappy polls.

Use Poll for a daily opinion poll on your intranet home page and interact with your employees on what’s happening at your organisation or test your user’s knowledge with an end-of-topic question. With Poll, there are endless opportunities to connect with your visitors, and best of all, Poll is available in the Viva Connections Dashboard too!

Poll offers you the following features:

  • Q&A - A simple question designer lets you easily and quickly create questions and answers allowing you to focus on building great content and connecting with your audience.
  • Results - Get a live snapshot on poll results across your organization using the inbuilt results view.
  • Editing options - Customize your Poll with our powerful editing choices. Enable users to cast their votes on one or multiple answers, preview the results beforehand, and even modify their vote.
  • Viva Connections ready - Like all Accelerator apps, Poll is compatible with Viva Connections. Part of Microsoft’s Viva Employee Experience platform, Viva Connections brings your intranet home page and content into Teams.
  • Responsive - Poll is optimally designed for any and all devices, whether your users are accessing SharePoint on desktop browsers or mobile devices.
  • Reusable- As a web part, the Poll can fit into your page wherever it matters most. Use it across multiple pages and sites to reach and engage with your audience.

Visit Accelerator 365 by Reply for support and more information about Poll and our other apps.

*Claim a free trial with full functionality for 60 days. After 60 days, the Poll trial will expire with instructions for purchasing a licenced version.

Learn how to download your free trial of Poll.

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