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Bring the power of AI into PowerPoint

GladIA is your AI companion

Gladia is initially THE one stop shop for AI APIs. Translation, Sentiment Analysis, Voice synthesis (speech-to-text), Voice Recognition (Text-to-speech), Offensive Content Detection, Background removal, Face Detection, Object Detection...

With Gladia Add-in, we are making all theses operations available directly through your favourite spreadsheet tool by the use of our custom functions.

We are providing a curated Open Source "State of the Arts" AI models. There is no one size fits all model in AI that's why we make sure that you can choose what best fits your needs.

Here is what Gladia Add-in is providing :

- Custom Function invoking AI functions such as autocorrect, sentiment analysis, language & emotion detection directly in your Excel Sheets.

- The list of our available functions is growing everyday. Our target is serving more than 250 AI APIs.

- Simple integration: no more AI or API headaches.

- Innovative usage of AI in PowerPoints: Build everything you need blazingly fast with upcoming image generation/edition.

To use Gladia Add-in, after installing it, follow the simple steps to get your API key and start using our functions by following the demos.

Wether you are a Data scientist, Analyst or a Developper, you'll find something useful in our add-in.

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