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The most powerful charting visual in Excel & PowerPoint with a complete set of advanced charts!

Zebra BI Charts for Office empowers you to create advanced visualizations directly in Excel or PowerPoint with just a few clicks. Get your data ready and visualize it with the perfect chart: waterfall, lollipop, variance, column, area, line, dot, stacked, or even small multiples! No matter which one you choose, Zebra BI will automatically calculate your variances (Previous year, Plan, or Forecast), YoY growth rates, and totals.

All of that for one simple goal: making your reports and presentations as actionable & understandable as possible.

By using Zebra BI Charts for Office either in Excel or PowerPoint, you can:

Get immediate insights with:

·        Different chart types like:

·        Hills & valleys chart

·        Advanced waterfall chart (with subtotals)

·        Stacked chart perfect for displaying the forecast

·        Combo charts 

·        and more...

·        Chart chooser to help you find the right chart

·        1-click Chart slider

·        Automatic variance calculation for Previous Year (PY), Plan (Plan), and/or Forecast (FC).

Focus on what really matters:

·        Small multiples for categorizing and analyzing trends

·        Top N + Others functionality

·        Dynamic comments to explain context

·        Responsive design to adapt the amount of information on display

·        1-click Axis break

·        Enhanced tooltips for more insights

Customize your report with design flexibility:

·        Apply highlights

·        Control the width of the comment box, 

·        Use flexible number formats

·        Adapt font style and size

·        Make reports accessible for people with color vision deficiency

Zebra BI Charts for Office is certified by Microsoft and follows the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS), which brings clear & efficient communication with your organization. Both the Excel & PowerPoint add-in work in desktop and online environments, as well as in Office for Mac. 

Together with Zebra BI Tables for Office you will get the ultimate productivity tool for actionable insights in your Excel reports and PowerPoint presentations. Using Zebra BI add-ins will empower you to create actionable reports that are user-friendly, clear, and concise. To learn more and get some practical templates, visit   


Zebra BI is available as a free visual with limited features. Full features available with Pro license.

For technical support, send us an email to

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