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Real-time investment data on mutual funds, FX, indices, options, stocks for wise financial decisions

Quotestream Active Sheets


Quotestream Active Sheets is designed to provide you with the most up-to-date market data for multiple symbols,

allowing you to make informed investment decisions quickly and easily.

It connects directly to your spreadsheet allowing you to receive market data and use it to create your own dashboard,

making your our add-in sets itself apart from the competition.

Our add-in is user-friendly and easy to use, with simple formula and multiple datapoints.

Users can easily link symbols to Quotestream Active Sheets.

You can use our data to create your own customizable features, such as the ability to set alerts for specific symbols or create personalized watchlists.

One of the key advantages of our add-in is its ability to handle large amounts of data. Users can analyze multiple symbols at once, providing a comprehensive view of the market. Additionally, our add-in is designed to your every-day use, allowing users to tailor spreadsheets to their specific needs.

Overall, our Excel add-in application provides the most up-to-date market data on mutual funds, FX, indices, options, and stocks, allowing users to make informed investment decisions quickly and easily.

With a simple formula capable of receiving market data, our add-in stands out from the competition and is an essential tool for any serious investor.


  • Microsoft Excel: 365 or 2021 and above
  • Operational System: MacOS or Windows
  • Internet Connection
  • QuoteMedia service subscription

Quotestream Active Sheets requires a service subscription. Access to register into a plan.


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