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Spotline Procurement Bot is holistic solution designed to optimize P2P processes

Spotline Procurement Bot is a holistic solution designed to work alongside your SAP Ariba system to help optimize internal procure-to-pay processes. Easily scale your support for employees and suppliers while empowering your teams to focus on critical tasks. Employees and suppliers can get support-related questions resolved instantaneously with Spotline Procurement Bot's intelligent monitoring and real-time sentiment analysis.

Enable users to reduce P2P support related inquiries involving SAP Ariba with instant hand-offs to your support agents through service desk platforms such as ServiceNow.

Key features of Spotline Procurement Bot includes:

Conversational Support - Users can now chat with Spotline Procurement Bot to get assistance.Spotline Procurement Bot uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand user queries and provides users with relevant information.

Queries - Retrieve data in real-time from other systems like Ariba, SAP and ServiceNow

Actions - Users can perform the actions like PR Approval, Invoice Approval, GR Creation etc.. within Microsoft Teams

Ticket Creation and Support - Spotline Procurement Bot includes a Live Chat support feature in addition to having a Ticketing support feature and the ability to interact with other ITSM systems like ServiceNow.

In order to use Spotline Procurement Bot, users must have an active Synapse account. Please contact your IT administrator for more details or signup here:

For any further assistance Please send an email to:

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