ThunderDome® Linked Data

door Research Data Group, Inc.

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The Linked Data Addin allows RDG Filings users to link Excel data to projects in ThunderDome®.

ThunderDome® Linked Data Addin empowers RDG Filings users to link any data from Excel to a ThunderDome® project. Users can utilize the tool to identify the tables or data they wish to link to a ThunderDome® Project and, when ready, upload the Excel workbook to ThunderDome® for initial insertion or subsequent updates. Users can identify & upload entire workbooks, sheets, or tables. The Linked Data Addin allow users to link cells, financial tables, individual numeric data, calculations & formulas. For access to ThunderDome® or for support questions please go to:

Please note, ThunderDome® requires a paid user license to obtain an account. A user license is required in order to use the ThunderDome® Linked Data Addin for EXCEL. ThunderDome® is a comprehensive compliance platform for Securities and Exchange Commission & Federal Energy Regulatory Commission reporting. For more information about ThunderDome®, and to obtain a user license, please visit:

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  • Gegevens via internet verzenden

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