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Unleash the power of seamless communication with Hivebuy on Microsoft Teams!

Hivebuy for Microsoft Teams

Unleash the power of seamless communication with our Hivebuy app on Microsoft Teams! Enjoy easy collaboration and increase productivity with features such as real-time messaging, notifications, and a bot that sends your answers right into your application, keeping you up to date without having to check it. Our intuitive interface ensures an easy user experience, while robust security measures keep your data safe. Try our app today and experience the difference in your team's communication with Hivebuy!

As an administrator, you can choose on which notification your team is receiving. Help your team with this easy-to-use app to keep track of their procurement requests or inform them about new decisions that need to be made.

With one message, your users are up to speed about all important details and can send their answers right back into Hivebuy without ever having to leave Microsoft Teams or enter the Hivebuy application.

Features include

A new purchase request was created and you are the next decider, our bot will let you know!

You can decide on a purchase request directly from the application via an easy-to-use button.

Your purchase request was approved and is ready to order.


Hivebuy boosts productivity and collaboration in Microsoft Team but requires a valid account with Hivebuy to function properly. To avoid limitations or issues, create an account with Hivebuy before using our app in Teams for a seamless experience.

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