Dealpath for Word

door Dealpath

Dealpath for Word helps you create documents while automatically pulling in Dealpath data

Being able to quickly create professional and accurate documents helps you adhere to your firm's own branding efforts and can help you stand out in a competitive market. From investment memos to commitment letters, this add-in can help you more easily present and share data, as well as execute on key steps in your deal process.

Start by creating templates that include placeholders for metrics and data they intend to pull from Dealpath. Each placeholder variable corresponds with a field within Dealpath, creating the link that can pull Deal and Property data into the final document.

For example, the variable that corresponds to “Deal Name” would be <> and the variable for “Square Footage” on a Property would be <>.

Once a template is created, it can be easily tweaked and reused by your team to quickly generate consistent, accurate and professional documents.

To add data to a template document, open the Add-in and search for a Deal or Property. Select the Deal or Property you’d like to pull data from, then click the “Import data” button.

Next you’ll have the chance to review your document for errors. Once errors have been resolved, you can continue to edit your final document or prepare it to share with key stakeholders.

Note: An enterprise subscription to Dealpath is required to use this add-in. Visit for more information.

Mogelijkheden van de app

Wanneer deze app wordt gebruikt, kan deze
  • Lezen en wijzigingen aan uw document aanbrengen
  • Gegevens via internet verzenden

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