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Manage Tasks and Projects within Microsoft Teams, with all of your data stored in SharePoint Lists.

Are you tired of trying to find the best task management system?

It's time to try Ingage!

We tie together the best features of Planner, ToDo and SharePoint Lists into one simple, engaging and effective interface.

With Ingage, you can:

- Increase day to day user engagement in your task management software by utilizing task reminders and updates

- Improve inter-team communication and teamwork by assigning tasks between users, adding comments, and collaborating in familiar Teams and Office interfaces

- Reduce project dead time and increase productivity – your users will be notified when they have a task due or unblocked and should/can be working on it

- Increase clarity by using charts that show task assignment, and tasks still outstanding, within your team

- Raise standards in leadership and project planning with a powerful Gantt chart

- Reduce manual processes and switching between applications - improve the efficiency of your organization by consolidating into one dashboard

- Reduce data sprawl by keeping tasks in a single, central and secure place

- Maintain control over your data - tasks are securely stored in SharePoint Lists in your site.

Ingage by 365Automate is a powerful project and task management solution which is fully integrated with Microsoft Teams.

In essence, Ingage provides a customizable, forward-thinking and innovative UX on one simple dashboard.

Try a free 30 day trial now!

At 365automate we are committed to professional competence, whilst offering unparalleled user experience and support, with guaranteed customer confidentiality and data security.

For help and assistance with setup and configuration, please contact us at

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