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Perform advanced statistical analysis, specifically designed for engineers. MSO Version

Perform advanced engineering statistical analysis.

QESuite enables you to perform the analyses below using functions. QESuite(MSO) is a manual sign-on version of the Single Sign On application QESuite. This version is designed for organizations that do not support SSO.

Capability Analysis

  • Capability Analysis

    Calculates the all four capability indices: Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk. And generates a Capability Six Pack Chart

  • Cp

    Calculates the Cp capability index for the provided data.

  • Cpk

    Calculates the Cpk capability index for the provided data.

  • Pp

    Calculates the Pp capability index for the provided data.

  • Ppk

    Calculates the Ppk capability index for the provided data.

Statistical Distributions

  • *Supported Distributions*


    2 Parameter Exponential

    Largest Extreme Value



    2 Parameter Loglogistic

    2 Parameter Lognormal


    Smallest Extreme Value


  • Anderson-Darling

    Performs the Anderson-Darling Goodness-of-Fit test with data against the specified distribution and generates a probability plot for the data and the specified distribution. Returns the Anderson-Darling Test statistic and associated p-value

  • Maximum Likelihood

    Estimates the parameters of the specified distribution using maximum likelihood estimation and generates a probability plot for the data and the specified distribution.

  • Individual Distribution Identification

    Performs an Individual Distribution Identification series, estimating parameters for each supported distribution and evaluating Goodness Of Fit with the AndersonDarling test and generates a chart with the probability plots for each distribution.

Measurement Systems Analysis

  • G1

    Performs a Type 1 Gage Study using the data and specified tolerance. If a reference value is included it will calculate bias(Cgk). Generates a run chart of the data.

  • GRR

    Performs an ANOVA Gage R&R analysis. Generates a chart including the following graphs: Variance Components, Variation By Part, R-Chart, XBar-Chart, Variation By Operator and Part*Operator Interaction Chart.


  • Anderson-Darling

    Performs the Anderson-Darling test using the normal distribution and generates a normal probability plot. Same function as previously mentioned in Distributions.

  • Box-Cox Transformation

    Performs a Box-Cox transformation using either the standard Box-Cox transformation formula or the Mintab Box-Cox formula. Capable of estimating the Box-Cox transformation coefficient, lambda. Returns an array of the transformed data. Generates a normal probability plot of the transformed data.

  • Chebyshev

    Evaluates the number of standard deviations the mean is from the closest spec limit to determine whether the effect of the distribution is significant. Generates a normal probability plot.

  • Jarque-Bera

    Performs the Jarque-Bera (skewness-kurtosis) Test for Normality. Generates a normal probability plot.

  • Kolmogorov-Smirnov

    Performs the Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test for Normality. Generates a normal probability plot.

  • Ryan-Joiner

    Performs the Ryan-Joiner Test for Normality. Generates a normal probability plot.

Graphs and Charts

All functions are available for free but charts are part of the premium package. Please contact Lucius at for information on pricing for your organization.

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