Vee by Visier

door Visier Solutions

Vee is Visier's AI assistant that gives instant access to people insights from Visier People.

Vee is the conversational AI digital assistant that gives anyone in the organization instant access to people insights, even those with limited analytics background. This app integrates your instance of Visier People seamlessly with Microsoft Teams.

In order to use this application, users must have an active account for Visier People and log in to their account through this app. If you don't have a license and are interested in acquiring one, please contact Visier Sales to get started.

Ask Vee

Anyone can ask Vee any question about their workforce, and Vee will come back with an accurate answer based on your organization’s people data within Visier. Users can also visually explore these responses as charts, or view the analyses directly in Visier People.

Explore with Vee

Your first question to Vee is just the beginning. Continue the conversation using natural language to drill down further. Vee will also suggest related insights as follow-up questions for you.

Security and privacy are built in

Vee is governed by Visier’s trusted enterprise security model. Vee considers the access level of the person asking, so sensitive data remains secure. Vee will only reveal information that a user could otherwise find in the browser-level Visier People experience.

Please note that responses returned by this app may contain AI generated content. If you encounter any inappropriate content, please report to us using our contact form.

Mogelijkheden van de app

Wanneer deze app wordt gebruikt, kan deze
  • Gegevens via internet verzenden
  • Deze app heeft toegang tot de persoonlijke gegevens van het actieve bericht, zoals telefoonnummers, postadressen en URL's. De app kan deze gegevens verzenden naar een service van derden. Andere items in uw postvak kunnen niet worden gelezen of gewijzigd.

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