Ramp for Excel

door Ramp Business Corp.

Query your Ramp data directly in Microsoft Excel.

The corporate card and spend management platform for accelerating growth

Ramp is the corporate card and spend management platform that helps companies of all sizes to accelerate growth without compromising on their finances. With our best in class user experience and direct integration with top accounting solutions, we help finance teams save 1-2 days a week tracking expenses, following up with employees, and closing their books. Companies can now have real time visibility into company-wide spending, automated expense reporting, and advanced insights into ways to cut spend.

Ramp for Excel enables accounting and FP&A teams to unlock new insights about their Ramp data with Excel. Conduct deeper analyses and make smarter spending decisions, without switching between applications.Accounting and FP&A professionals can easily query and analyze their company's data directly in Excel with just a few clicks.

Please note that your company needs to have a Ramp account to use Ramp for Excel. Learn more at

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