Semeris Docs for Excel

door Semeris

Download data from Semeris Docs directly to Excel

The Semeris Docs for Excel add-in is designed to enhance your data analysis experience, equipped with key features:

  • Semeris Formulas: Allows you to download deal data directly into Excel, streamlining your workflow.
  • Build Data Table: A user-friendly wizard that guides you in creating data tables effortlessly, saving time and improving analysis.
  • Current Cell Details: Provides information about the data present in the currently selected cell, enriching your understanding and insights.

Requirements for Using the Add-in

An active Semeris Docs account is essential for utilizing the Semeris Docs for Excel add-in. If you're not yet a customer, we warmly invite you to contact us at to get started.

How to Get Help

Should you need assistance, the Function Reference and Help sections within the add-in's SEMERIS ribbon are at your service for immediate support. For more information, visit our online help at (requires login).

We appreciate your choice of the Semeris Docs for Excel add-in. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we strive to improve continually.

Mogelijkheden van de app

Wanneer deze app wordt gebruikt, kan deze
  • Lezen en wijzigingen aan uw document aanbrengen
  • Gegevens via internet verzenden

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