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CloudCan GPT Application is a CloudCan product and provides your AI assistant using a Chatbot

CloudCan GPT Application is a versatile tool designed by CloudCan to enhance productivity within corporate environments. By leveraging the capabilities of AI through a chatbot interface, it introduces a flexible solution to meet both general and specific organizational needs. Here's a breakdown of what CloudCan GPT offers:

Key Features:

• Dual Modes: The application operates in two main modes, "Classic AI" for standard inquiries and a "Corporate Segmentation" for more specialized, company-specific questions. This ensures that users can navigate easily between general information searches and more focused, internal queries.

• Integration with Microsoft Teams: Accessibility is streamlined through integration with Microsoft Teams, requiring just a Microsoft 365 account. This makes the application readily available to a wide range of corporate companies, facilitating easy adoption across various departments.

• Target Audience: It caters primarily to company employees across all departments, making it a versatile tool for a broad audience within an organization.

• Secure Document Handling: In the corporate mode, users can upload documents that remain exclusive to their company, emphasizing the application's commitment to security and privacy.

• HR and Production Department Utility: HR departments can utilize it as a Q&A module for frequently asked questions, while production departments can leverage it for maintaining product quality standards, showcasing its versatility.

• Advanced Features:

• Integration capabilities within the company's existing ecosystem.

• Active chatbot features for dynamic interaction.

• Capabilities for archiving and grouping chatbot inquiries.

• Industry and sector-specific models to cater to various corporate needs.

• A data management portal designed for corporate companies, enhancing data handling and analysis.

Technological Advancements:

• Latest AI Version: Utilizing the most recent advancements in AI technology to ensure smarter and more efficient responses.

• Enhanced Memory Capacity: A significant upgrade to a 64,000-word short-term memory from the standard 8,000, enhancing its ability to handle complex and lengthy conversations.

• Smartness: Described as being "X8 smarter," indicating a substantial improvement in processing and response generation capabilities.

• Multilingual Support: Works across 25 languages, including but not limited to French, German, and Spanish, ensuring wide-ranging accessibility.


CloudCan GPT Application stands out as a sophisticated AI-powered tool designed to streamline operations and enhance productivity within corporate settings. Its integration into Microsoft Teams, coupled with its advanced features and technological capabilities, positions it as a highly valuable asset for companies looking to leverage AI for various departmental needs. Whether for HR inquiries, production quality maintenance, or secure document handling, CloudCan GPT provides a comprehensive solution that promotes efficiency and security.

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Mogelijkheden van de app

Wanneer deze app wordt gebruikt, kan deze
  • Gegevens via internet verzenden
  • Deze app heeft toegang tot de persoonlijke gegevens van het actieve bericht, zoals telefoonnummers, postadressen en URL's. De app kan deze gegevens verzenden naar een service van derden. Andere items in uw postvak kunnen niet worden gelezen of gewijzigd.

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