Exibi Portfolio


Exibi is a powerful, intuitive portfolio and project publishing tool for K-12 teachers and students.

Exibi is a powerful, intuitive portfolio tool for K-12 teachers and students. Its unique design allows it be used through Elementary, Middle, and High Schools where it provides students with a secure workspace in which to create purposeful collections of work, reflect critically on their learning, and make evidence-based claims about their curricular and extracurricular achievements. Using the Exibi showcase, students can publish exhibits and resumes to specific audiences. Teachers and administrators control this process, setting Exibi apart from other portfolio products, and making it the perfect tool for K-12.

Exibi promotes student engagement through increased learner self-management and reflection, and demonstration of growth over time. Unique to the product are the “claims banks,” including a set of 21st century skills that prompt students to recognize qualities in their work, including some not well measured by standard testing procedures.

Ideal for desktop, laptop, and tablet environments, there are free and subscription-based versions of Exibi. Fostering critical thinking, evidentiary practices, and preparation for life, college, and career, Exibi fits well into educational programs focused on project-based learning and other modern practices.