ArcGIS Maps Classic

Esri, Inc.

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ArcGIS Maps gives you a new way to map and search SharePoint content.

Visualize, organize, and interact with your SharePoint business data using maps for better insights and decision making. Combine your data with geographic content from ArcGIS and share the maps you create. The main components are ArcGIS Maps Locate workflow, ArcGIS Maps web part, and ArcGIS Map Search app part. This add-in requires an account on ArcGIS Online, Esri's mapping platform. Sign up for a free trial at

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What's New?

  • Geotag documents with multiple attributes using ArcGIS Map Search.
  • Use ArcGIS Map Search to geotag picture libraries.
  • Quickly find geotagged features that can be used for geotagging and geosearching.
  • Rename ArcGIS Map Search layers.
  • All app communications are executed through secure HTTPS.
  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements have been made.