CYRIS for SharePoint - A Secured Document Library

Thales Communications and Security

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CYRIS for SharePoint provide Secured Document Library

CYRIS for SharePoint secured your documents published in dedicated document libraries on your SharePoint sites and automatically controls individual access rights to secured documents.

Use CYRIS for SharePoint as simple as using the native SharePoint document library functionality.

Key Features:

#LI Send any document directly by drag & drop on a CYRIS document library/#LI

#LI Store your document ciphered in a secured environment/#LI

#LI Manage list of readers & contributors authorized in a CYRIS document library/#LI

Compatibility Information:

#LI CYRIS for SharePoint is designed to work with CYRIS for Office365 subscription plan/#LI

#LI This add-in is not supported on Internet Explorer 9 : please use Internet Explorer 10 or higher/#LI