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Advanced Graph Visual


First true graph structured data supporting visual for Power BI.

Advanced Graph Visual is intuitive, easy and fast to understand, giving instant insights in complex graph data sets.

Core features:

  • Automated Graph Structure.

This visual is building the graph structure by identifying relation between objects. Sizes of the nodes are updated with the value from each record in which the vertex is set as source node..

  • Force feedback layout.

With force-directed layout algorithm, nodes repulse each other and links act as "springs" which pull them together. ZoomCharts has its own proprietary layout, which is more efficient and more beautiful than standard force feedback layouts.

  • Rectangular and other selection options.

Complete your tasks more efficiently by using ctrl+click option or activating rectangular selection mode by long press action. Selection allows closer examination of the nodes in interest.

  • Bi-directional, multiple links.

Take control over the relations between the nodes and have an instant visual presentation of the relations with one or multiple links in any or both directions for any of nodes to create sophisticated graph visualization.

  • 2-way link decorations.

See the direction of the relationship between the nodes with from and to link decorations, indicating the flow of data.

  • Customizable Links and Nodes with configurable labels.

Adjust the visual to suit your corporate style, as well as provide meaningful visual differences for each data segment by customizing each element of the visual independently or based on a category.

And many more useful features, including auto-zoom, rearrange, auto-fit, individual and category-based styling options and more.

Vast amount of use-cases

Seeing the relations makes it easier to find problems and outliers. Clicking on any node acts as filter for the rest of the dashboard, making it easy to drill through data and boosting Power BI productivity. Practical use cases of Advanced Graph Visual include, but are not limited to:

  • Analyzing security and fraud risks with an immediate visual feedback that turns complex data set into an easy to understand graph visualization allowing to detect risks and react immediately.
  • Banking and transactions data to visualize and analyze money flow.
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) analysis relies on relations and could be best analyzed using the graph visualization.
  • Logistics. Advanced Graph Visual is the perfect tool to examine and understand the flow and dependencies.
  • Infrastructure monitoring. Make sense of complex interdependencies central to managing networks and IT infrastructure.
  • Social connections & communication. Leverage social connections or internal communication based on various data categories.

Fully customizable

With in-app purchase, you can unlock additional series and an extensive set of customizations, which includes legend, nodes, multiple links with decorations and directions for node, labels, fill settings customizations. You can also set the image, node color, link color, width and label using data.

Visit ZoomCharts Advanced Visuals Documentation page for deeper insights:

Get a license here:

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