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Enjoy interactive drilldowns, user friendly navigation and beautiful design.

Drill Down Pie PRO takes the traditional pie chart to a new level with quick, easy and fun data exploration experience. Click directly on the slice to drill down into the data category, enjoy smooth animations and use rich customization options to control the look of the chart.

This visual offers in-app purchases and comes with 30 days free access to the paid features.


  • On-chart drill down – explore up to 9 data levels by clicking directly on the chart
  • Adjustable automatic “Others” grouping – set the number of slices visible, the rest will be grouped together
  • Full customization – customize every slice, label and legend, add 3D effects, choose fill color mode
  • Cross-chart filtering – select data points on multiple charts instead of using slicers
  • Multi-touch device friendly – get equal experience on any device


  • Sales & Marketing – sales and campaign data, sales team performance, research results
  • Human Resources – staff composition, salary distribution, performance data
  • Accounting & Finance – income and expense analysis, billings, creditors and debtors
  • Project management – risk distribution, issue and task analysis, resource allocation


ZoomCharts Drill Down Visuals are known for their interactive drilldowns, smooth animations and rich customization options. Use them to create reports that business users absolutely love – visually appealing, with intuitive, quick and easy data exploration experience on every device.

ZoomCharts Drill Down PRO Visuals are mobile friendly and support: interactions, selections, custom and native tooltips, filtering, fetching more data, bookmarks, and context menu.


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