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A rich text filter that allows search, autocompletion, copy-and-paste list support, and much more.

This slicer lets you use autocompletion as part of searching for values in text fields. Autocompletion is a technology that lets the user write some letters within an identifier, word, code, phrase or other text, and the visual predicts one or more possible matches, as choices. If the intended match is shown, it can be easily selected to be included as a report filter.

You can filter using multiple terms (exact or wildcard), use fuzzy matching, copy-and-paste to and from the slicer, see secondary measures in the lookup list, and much more. There are 80+ settings that control behavior and formatting. The slicer lets you search efficiently, especially when dealing with identifiers, names, codes, and any text strings of modest length.

There are a wide variety of options, including:
  • Have the visual "complete" what you've started typing based on matches found
  • Allow you to enter one or more search terms - either exact matches or partial matches
  • Options for: case-insensitive, diacritic (accent) insensitive, punctuation insensitive, whitespace insensitive, even a level of spelling insensitive (using fuzzy matching)
  • Multiple fuzzy matching algorithms to choose from (2.0+)
  • Intelligently detect the minimum number of characters required before predictions and/or filtering is made
  • In the suggestion list, one can show a "secondary value" that's associated with the search target (e.g. see additional details that might help make a proper selection)
  • Options to "expand" matches: turn partial match text into the matched values in the source data, which can be represented as text (comma or line delimited), which can in turn be copied-and-pasted out of the visual, into other tools such as Excel, email, etc.
  • Conversely, take lists of values from tools such as Excel, email, etc. and paste it into the filter area
  • When multiples are allowed, you can present your filter list using text or as "pills"
  • Tool-tip and drill through support when viewing exact matches in pill form
  • Optional buttons for reset, toggle inclusion of blank values, copy filtered values, and more
  • Efficient: easily handles a large number of source data rows, with feedback related to status, as data loads
  • Various font and color overrides are possible
  • Control sorting of the pick list
  • It is possible (with some caveats) to overlay the pick list over other visuals on a page (see demo file)
  • Well complimented by our Text From Value visual (see demo file)
The sample pbix file that can be downloaded here and on provides a detailed look at how you can use this visual: we highly encourage reviewing it since it can answer many questions (along with the video below).

The visual is free to use in Power BI Desktop for single-user use. Shared use licensing is available through AppSource (per user in Power BI Service), and organizational licensing is available (cost effective for a large number of users, no per user licensing, works in all environments; see for details). Support, feature requests and on-line help is available at Come sign up for a free account to get updates and other special perks. We are always interested in hearing about your needs, and you can also contact us directly at

NOTE: If you plan to use AppSource licensing, please visit our AppSource Purchase Guide at

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