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Overlapping columns to compare two numerical variables per category to clearly show surplus/shortage

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The conceptual idea with Overlapping Column is to compare a measure against a reference by overlapping the measure onto the reference measure resulting in visual storytelling with greater expositional power. This kind of chart shows surpluses and shortages with remarkable precision, particularly when appropriate grids are added to it.
They are frequently used to show level of progress to an objective/goal or against a benchmark. Common use cases-
Finance: Budget vs Actual, Revenue/Expense current vs prior year
Sales and Marketing: Actual vs Forecast, Sales Current Year vs Prior Year
Others: individual v. aggregate scores, surveyed v. the entire population If you

Using PBIVizEdit's Overlapping Column visual you can create variations of overlay columns. For example,
  • Thermometer column chart
  • Lipstick column chart
  • Column chart with patterns
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  • Modify column offset, width, color and transparency
  • Formatting with patterns
  • Custom label formatting
  • General Power BI features like tooltip page, drill down

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