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Show proportions and percentages between categories

Pie charts are often used to represent sample data—with data points belonging to a combination of different categories. Each of these categories is represented as a “slice of the pie.” The size of each slice is directly proportional to the number of data points that belong to a particular category.
This visual shows the full legend text without cutting it off which helps user to analyze data when legends are similar to each other.
Common use cases-
Sales: Sales a retail store makes in a month for each department, to get highest vs lowest revenue department.
Product: Time spent on different devices by category(apps).

Using PBIVizEdit's Pie Chart with Full Legend Label (Pro) visual you can create variations of Pie Chart. For example,
  • Small Multiple Pie Charts with Relative Size of each pie chart based on total
  • Donut Chart
  • Exploded Pie Chart
This visual is free forever in Power BI Desktop.
Trial License:
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Purchase License:
Power BI service (Power BI Pro) - Purchase license available in the Plans + Pricing tab. Power BI premium (A1 to A6 and P1 to P5 SKUs) - Purchase license from our website

  • Conditional color formatting
  • Modify pie transparency, slice border color and thickness, rotation, explosion etc.
  • Small multiples with relative size option
  • Custom label formatting
  • General Power BI features like tooltip page, drill down

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