Analytics for ActiveCampaign

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Analyze your Email marketing performance of your ActiveCampaign account in Power BI.

Analytics for ActiveCampaign is a Power BI app that connects to your ActiveCampaign account and analyzes the performance of your campaigns. The app requires an active ActiveCampaign account and API Access Key to refresh automatically.

You can explore the various pages on the left sidebar to analyze different aspects of your campaign, including a Campaign view, Tagged Contacts, Performance Analysis, Subject, Body & Link analysis, and Unsubscription analysis.

The app enables interactive view to crucial email marketing KPIs such as open rates, CTR (Clickthrough Rate), and CTOR (Click-to-Open Rate).

What's new

  • Bug fixes in the free mode.
  • App rename. The new app is now called Analytics for ActiveCampaign instead of ActiveCampaign Email Marketing.
  • New app logo change.

Key features

  • The free version of the app has refresh limits to allow you to evaluate the value of the app. To lift the refresh limits, contact us for a free trial or subscribe to the paid version. With the paid version you can get the Power BI report file (.pbit) source code under license. Subscribe here
  • 12 New tables: Automations, Contacts, Scores, Deals, Contact Score Values, Contact Field Values, Tracking Logs, Deal Field Meta, Deal Field Values, Deal Status, Stages, Pipelines
  • New report pages for Automations, Contacts, Contact Scores and Deals
  • Connect live to the dataset of this app from other Power BI reports and Excel worbooks, or export visuals' data to Excel. This new functionality allows you to use the app dataset's as a connector for ActiveCampaign, and build reports that combine ActiveCampaign data with other data sources using Composite models in Power BI
  • Filter or slice and dice your report by specified contact lists, or navigate to the relevant contacts on ActiveCampaign portal
  • Hyperlinks in the campaign tables, lists and deals allow you to navigate from Power BI into the external resource on the ActiveCampaign portal

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