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ABB Ability™ Renewable Insights


One connected source for economic analysis

Renewable electric generation development continues to experience accelerated growth on a global scale; the ensuing level of steep competition has motivated developers to push for greater insight into the operational and financial performance of project sites. ABB’s convenient SaaS solution offers specific data for individual renewable project analysis sold on a site-by-site basis at a fraction of the usual price.


Spatial Awareness
Features maps and information regarding transmission lines, substations, utility territories, regulated lands, industrial facilities that may potentially need power, and power plants currently existing or planned near a desired site including ownership, capacities and other attributes.

Historic pricing
Market pricing for the site with components and analytics. Spread analysis for basic risk between the project site and its potential delivery market hub. Details to help gain an understanding of curtailment potential and all the major price events relevant to the project’s financial success with varying aggregations and time views.

Forecast prices
Contains third-party, unbiased, market-leading forecast prices from ABB for the next 25 years These help with the project’s financial expectations, merchant exposure and economic viability. View the market expectations with various market risk scenarios including higher gas prices, lower prices, and other market driving factors.

Gross revenue projections
Calculates expected revenue by month and peak type based on historic price patterns, forecast prices, and capacity factors adapted from NREL wind and solar models Predictive analytics provide insight to identify the best potential site for your project, or the best potential project for this site.