ReadyToSail by ActionTracker

door Actiontracker solutions, s.l.

IoT for ships. Automate, monitor, secure and manage in real-time, globally.

***This app is only available in [Spanish]. Soon will be in English.***

Actiontracker Solutions 'Connected Brains' technology will allow you to digitize, automate, monitor and collect information, precise tasks on board your boat, in order to foresee possible problems or accidents, from any part of the world, in real time. Our company has developed a technological solution that will help you in the comprehensive management of your yacht, with all the necessary tools to make you feel safe and enjoy your travels. Our priority is to take care of you, your crew, your interests and your boat.

We develop IoT solutions that allow you to maintain a direct, ?uid, ef?cient and bidirectional communication with their workers.

With our portable device -wearable- we prevent the falls of any person who is a crew member in the boat diminishing human failings, saving costs and in addition to, increasing profitability and saving lifes.

Protecting your boat is our greatest concern.

We use security alarms as an alert mechanism in the event of an emergency situation risk through the solution created by Actiontracker where you can monitor everything that happens on board your ship, even whenyou are not physically in it.

You are in control from the comfort of your mobile device, synchronously and anywhere

in the world. Avoid the risk of theft, knowing the exact location of your boat.

And best of all, you can be notified in case of If a crew member falls into the water,

Readytosail cares about your human resources.

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