Aera Decision Cloud

door Aera Technology, Inc.

Aera Decision Cloud is a cloud-native platform that delivers the agility, velocity, and intelligence

Components of the Aera Decision Cloud:

Cognitive Operating System - The technology foundation of the Aera Decision Cloud. A comprehensive, open cloud-scale platform that integrates and orchestrates the data, intelligence, automation, and engagement required to accelerate decision making. Enterprise architecture friendly it works with existing cloud, and on-premise enterprise solutions.

Cognitive Skills - Aera Cognitive Skills are composable capabilities that extend the Aera Decision Cloud to address specific use cases that benefit from improved decision making. These capabilities work by giving contextual recommendations while maintaining full transparency - continuously measuring and learning from both anticipated and actual decision performance.

Aera Developer - A comprehensive integrated development environment (IDE) for Cognitive Skills. A composable environment that empowers your data engineers, data scientists, developers, and business analysts to innovate and operationalize capabilities within their own domains to build and evolve skills quickly and securely.

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