Akamai Advanced Service and Support

door Akamai Technologies

Aligned advisory expertise, service and support to guide, enable, and mitigate business risk.

Advanced Service and Supports is our new consolidated mid-tier service solution designed to delivering aligned advisory expertise, service, and support to guide, enable and mitigate business risk. Advanced Service & Support is designed for Customers wanting to de-risk their online businesses. The typical Customer will have some varying levels of Akamai Expertise which they are looking to supplement. Most important to these customers will be expert technical advice as well as implementation assistance and aligned technical Support.

Key Features
- Technical Advisor
- Monthly Service Report
- Semi-Annual Service Review
- Programmatic Health Checks
- Technical Support
- Professional Services Hours
- Akamai University training

This offer is transactable via private offer, click contact me to engage in a purchase.

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