Allscripts dbMotion

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

The dbMotion™ Solution aggregates data from disparate source systems and harmonizes the information.

The dbMotion™ Solution aggregates data from disparate source systems, harmonizes the information and delivers it in a usable and actionable format at the point of care, within the provider’s native and familiar workflow. It connects EHRs from a range of vendors to create a longitudinal patient record. Providers simply click the dbMotion button on their screen to view information in the clinical data repository. Access to this complete picture supports better clinical decision-making in the exam room and at the bedside, and enables providers across the community to effectively coordinate and manage care.

“We’re to the point that most hospitals and clinics across the nation can exchange clinical information using dbMotion…It’s a logical next step that Israel is using dbMotion as the template to connect other providers into a truly nationwide network.”  - Yechiel Gepner, Chief Information Officer, Clalit Health Services