Amadeus Airport Cloud Use Service (Amadeus ACUS)

door Amadeus

Centralized common use platform

Amadeus ACUS is a common use solution operating in the cloud, moving away from the airport on-site infrastructure towards the cloud. ACUS works with any ground handler and any airline at any airport. Unlike other solutions, it only one single connection between each application provider and Amadeus to support operations in means you can access your applications wherever you are, processing passengers on the go (or even outside of the airport). Because it's based in the cloud, it's scalable, cost effective, easier to update applications, and better for the planet because it uses energy-efficient hardware.

Why Amadeus ACUS?

- Get there quicker: centralising infrastructure in the cloud means Amadeus can help Airports scale up or down much faster than before

- Respond faster when your customers need you to: if the terminal's packed and you need a check-in area, you can create one in minutes.

- Lets Airports process passengers flexibly - on & off the airport

- Gives Airports access to their applications anytime, anywhere

- Goes beyond other departure control applications giving airport stakeholders what they need

- Adapt & scale optimally with a true cloud solution



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