PROPworks® Property & Revenue Management

door Amadeus

Contract and billing system designed specifically for Airports

Amadeus PROPworks® is a contract and billing system designed specifically for airports, to manage the unique needs of the airport industry.
Information when you need it Amadeus PROPworks allows companies to monitor agreements and leases, compile information about business relationships, bill and invoice tenants or concession operators, and track service providers and concessionaires for compliance to agreements. In addition, agreements with companies and individuals, business turnover, operational performance, facility information, site-specific configurations and management of user information are seamlessly integrated into Amadeus PROPworks. Optional industry-specific software components allow facilities to track physical space and property assets at each facility, compile statistics for tracking performance, manage utilities, track tenant alterations, and interface easily with other software programs.

Manage it all with one airport revenue management system

With Amadeus PROPworks® you can manage all your airport’s contracts, billing and invoicing, all in one place. There is no need for multiple systems. The powerful PROPworks® billing engine is robust enough to handle any task, big or small.

Integrate with your existing systems

Using other contract and billing systems? No problem. Amadeus PROPworks® can integrate with your existing billing systems to enhance their feature-set and to remove any shortfalls. It also adds a range of features designed specifically for airports, which are not found in other system

Configure to match your exact needs

Amadeus PROPworks® is completely configurable to match the exact needs of your airport. So you get an airport business system tailored to meet your requirements, not someone else’s.

Bill for actual services provided, not estimates

Things don’t always go to plan. That’s why Amadeus PROPworks® records and bills for actual services provided. So you never lose revenue due to services not being recorded or planned for in estimates.

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