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Compare calendar open times, schedule conference rooms w/ video in Teams with Calendar Bot.

Tired of the back & forth email communication when scheduling meetings across different email and conference platforms? We have a solution!

This bundle includes our Web application for embedded site widgets, Office 365 add-in and our Teams Calendar Bot/Tab. Approved Contact is available with Office, Exchange, & every major email platform and video conferencing solution. Increase your productivity by using Approved Contact Calendar BOT for Teams and stop guessing or emailing someone for availability. You can easily view anyone's open availability across any major calendar platform from your Teams Tab or enter short commands in Teams to trigger the Calendar BOT for scheduling.

Features in Teams

  • Calendar BOT short commands: "free time 1" and "schedule 3" based on available free times list
  • Various views of calendars: Daily View; Rooms; Free Time
  • View daily, weekly or monthly open times for each member under a Teams group
  • All calendars are set with their respective time zone for internal Teams members and third parties
  • Auto filled Teams members populated with select/deselect features for attendees, physical location, meeting room or any major video conference platform

Features in Office365

  • Share free time views in Office regardless of email system
  • Schedule directly from Office web email with shared free time views

Features with Web App Widget

  • Embed Approved Contact Web widget into your website
  • Build public or private calendar scheduling sites
  • All form fields can be modified for easy end user scheduling

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