Quantum 365

Bytes Software Services

Industry leading platform to provide insights to 365 usage and drive cost savings

Visibility across your 365 environment

  • Process and support for JML (joiners, movers and leavers) 
  • Current license agreements with license cost and additional products
  • 3 year view of the licenses you've bought, allocated and used
  • Ongoing usage analysis
  • Spend forecasts and cost savings
  • Premium license allocations and usage 
  • Detailed Office 365 apps and user activity information

Why Quantum for 365?

  • View user activity and behaviour
  • Eliminate wasted licenses, cut costs and optimise investments
  • Better budgeting and spend forecasting
  • Improve ROI by identifying licenses with little or no usage
  • Clarity when right-sizing current and future renewals
  • Boost governance and compliance with security policies 
  • Helps you negotiate license renewals with confidence