BlockCluster is a blockchain management system that let's you build private DApp

BlockCluster let's you create blockchain network using Quorum, Dynamo and Hyperledger Fabric with just click of a button. It provide various modules on top to make it easy to build and define your smart contracts.

Furthermore, it has a rich layer of addons enabling decentralised storage, payments, oracles and privacy.

It's for enterprises and governments who want to digitalize their business processes on blockchain for achieving decentralisation. Our target customers include financial institutions like banks, government departments like land registry, companies part of supply chain and so on.

Problems of Enterprise DApp development:

  1. Writing dedicated blockchain applications is expected to take months to develop
  2. Smart contract are prone to human error which will risk your business integrity
  3. Implementing access control over confidential and personal data is difficult
  4. Existing systems introduce more hassles, especially with an
    on-premises setup

Solution using BlockCluster:

  1. Setup your blockchain network within a few clicks or API calls without writing any code
  2. Blockcluster let’s you configure your digital assets without writing smart contracts
  3. Highly secure access control and privacy over data using proxy re-encryption
  4. Whether hosted on the cloud or on premises, BlockCluster’s integration is simple

Asset management:

  1. DIGITALIZATION OF ASSETS: This process eliminates much of the friction involved of holding, storing, and transferring a asset.
  2. CROSS CHAIN ASSET EXCHANGE: Interoperable assets means you are able to exchange your assets across different networks atomically
  3. PRIVACY AND ADVANCED PERMISSIONING: You can distribute control over assets and manage visibility of assets.

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